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Hamster life is pretty carefree. All a hamster needs to be happy is a nice warm shelter with some bedding, plenty of food and water, and a few toys, such as a wheel on which to run, a chew toy, and the companionship of a human being.  Because the lifespan of a hamster is so short--approximately two years--if you get a hamster for a pet, you will want to spend as much time with him as possible.

Hamster life consists of eating, playing and sleeping. While pet store hamster food is great and will meet all of your hamster’s nutritional needs, it is better to give your hamster some variety by adding a little fresh food of some kind as well. Hamsters like to eat and are not fussy eaters. Anything they don’t eat right away they will bury for later, so make sure that if you feed fresh fruits or vegetables, they are taken out of the cage in twenty-four hours if not eaten. Also make sure your hamster has fresh, clean water at all times.

Playing is a part of hamster life that is extremely important. That’s because hamsters need a lot of exercise. Originally, hamsters lived in the Syrian desert and traveled great distances every day in search of seeds, grass and insects to eat. Now your hamster doesn’t have to search for food or water but still has the same need for exercise. So, playing with your pet hamster is necessary to keep him healthy. Hamsters that do not have adequate toys or things to play with can get very hyper and even out of sorts.

One of the first toys to get your hamster to play with is a running wheel. Sometimes these come with the cage you get for your hamster and sometimes they have to be purchased separately. Studies have shown that hamsters with running wheels are healthier than those without. It seems that a hamster needs the rhythm from the wheel as well as the movement. They have even determined that the best diameter for a hamster wheel is eight inches.

If you can afford to put a little more money into your hamster cage, you can get one that has many round tunnels for hamsters to run through and play in. This fulfills the hamster’s need for burrowing and running at the same time. Cages also come with ladders and various other gadgets designed for hamster playtime. It is not a good idea to let your hamster run loose in the home for exercise. It is easy for him to be stepped on or kicked and it’s especially dangerous if you have other pets that might want to eat him.

All of these toys and exercise equipment will make your hamster quite ready for sleep. Sleep among hamsters is usually not a problem at all. They like to make little beds and nests out of the material you use for bedding. Some people make them a special bed themselves. Just make sure it is not made out of a material that is hazardous to hamsters. Don’t be surprised if your hamster pees and poops in the same area in which he sleeps. This is quite common. Just make sure that you keep the cage cleaned regularly.

So, if you are looking for a pet that is fun to watch and easy to care for, a hamster is a good choice. Hamster life is, after all pretty simple.



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